Christmas Tree Cupcakes Idea

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Christmas Tree Cupcakes Christmas is the merriest holiday, and everything about it,  including dessert have to be cheerful. Here is one very easy and  really fun idea for Christmas and New Year’s cupcake. It’s the cutest little Christmas tree made of your favorite cupcakes with Read more>>

Outrageous Boozy Mocha Cupcakes

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Outrageous boozy mocha cupcakesOutrageous Boozy Mocha Cupcakes really are outrageous. They join many delicious components into one perfect cupcake. As a basis there are Magnolia Bakery Vanilla Cupcake, but filled with Vanilla rum syrup and  amazing Espresso pastry cream. Read more>>

Red Velvet Cupcakes by Tiffany

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Red Velvet CupcakesRed Velvet  Cupcakes are pure classic, and what could be better than that?! They have amazing flavour, richness of a chocolate, and what would  Red Velvet Cupcake be without the cream cheese frosting. Classic, smooth, creamy frosting is something that red velvet can’t go Read more>>

St.Patric’s Celtic Cupcakes

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Celtic Cupcakes Celtic Cupcakes  are lovely festive dessert. Everything about them are so perfectl for the occasion-St.Patric’s Day, of course. White cake mih and the cream cheese frosting is coloured in green, and the wrappers with those little shamrock Read more>>

Lemon Curd Cupcakes

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Lemon Curd CupcakesLemon Curd Cupcakes recipes seems very refreshing and tasty.  These citrus flavoured dessert with berry, white chocolate cream cheese frosting makes delightful flavour combination. The spoonful of luscious lemon curd filling inside of the each cupcakes will Read more>>

Chocolate-Toffee Surprise Cupcakes

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Chocolate-Toffee Surprise Cupcakes Chocolate-Toffee Surprise Cupcakes recipe sound easy but very yummy, too. These delicious chocolate cupcakes have luscious surprise inside. A piece of the toffee chocolate bar is hidden into each cupcake. Rich chocolate cupcakes are dipped in a creamy Read more>>

Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes with Cherry Puree

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Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes with Cherry PureeCherries and chocolate are match made in heaven. That lovely combo packed in one dessert called Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes are simply mouthwatering. And that’s not all, these delicious chocolate cupcakes are brushed with luscious cherry puree, and they turnd out so moist and rich. Read more>>