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Candy Corn & Chocolate Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes

Turkey Cupcakes Cupcakes are great and easy to make dessert. Everybody likes them and they offers many possibilities for decoration. Here is one fun Thanksgiving cupcake ideas.  Thanksgiving can’t go without the turkey and here is idea how to make turkey of a cupcake. Read more>>

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Piñata Cupcakes

Piñata cupcakesHere is one original and very creative cupcakes idea for Piñata Cupcakes ! It’s great idea for kids birthday parties, kids just love Piñata and who wouldn’t. Piñata is stuffed with sweets, and kids  are always in the mood for sweets and never can get enough of it. Read more>>

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Thanksgiving Stuffed Turkey Cupcakes

happy thanksgivingWe can just say: Wow! Really beautiful done.  So creative and just imagine how much time, work, patience and effort require making this tiny turkeys on top of a cupcake. This look fabulous. Perfect Thanksgiving cupcake decoration . Read more>>

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Halloween Ghosts Cupcakes

Ghost CupcakesHalloween Ghosts Cupcakes, looking more cute and adorable than spooky or scary but they are perfect cupcakes ideas for Halloween party. Each little ghost is made of one regular sized cupcake and two mini cupcakes, covered with a thin layer of buttercream and white fondant. Read more>>

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Thanksgiving Brown Sugar Pound Cakes Cupcakes

brown sugar pound cakes with bailey's irish cream frostingBrown Sugar Pound Cakes with Bailey’s Irish Cream Frosting recipe is one of a few very interesting cupcakes ideas that you should consider  for upcoming Thanksgiving Day. Cute, turkey on top of each this delicious cupcakes, will look adorable at the Thanksgiving table. Read more>>

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Halloween Hi Hat Ghosts Cupcakes

Hi Hat Ghosts When it’s about Halloween party, you’ll need some “scary” dessert. Here is good cupcakes idea how to make yours scary dessert. We  suggest the cute ghosts make as cupcake topping. You can make the cupcakes any flavor you like: vanilla, chocolate.. Read more>>

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Mini Halloween Pumpkins Cupcakes

Mini Halloween PumpkinsAre you ready for Halloween? Here is one  fun idea how to decorate Halloween cupcakes. It could not be more simple than this, and the result is awesome. And if you love frosting, this is very good news for you. These are mini vanilla cupcakes overcrowded with frosting. Read more>>