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Little Mermaid Birthday Cupcakes

Little Mermaid Birthday CupcakesHere is one beautiful birthday’s ideas. Your little girl’s birthday is coming and you are looking for great ideas for a birthday cake this year. Well, how about many cupcakes instead one big cake?! Kids just love cupcakes, they are great, delicious and easy to serve. Read more>>

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“Simple Perfect” Strawberry Cupcakes

Just Perfect Strawberry CupcakesSearching for some amazing strawberry cupcakes for hot summer days, we found  simple perfect one! So we named these cupcakes like that – “Simple Perfect” Strawberry cupcakes. Unfortunately, there is no recipe or instructions for these cupcakes so you can use it for decoration ideas . Read more>>

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Chocolate Cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream

Nutella ButtercreamIf you love Nutella and you could eat it in every combination, try this one. It’s absolutely amazing – Nutella Buttercream Frosting!  It’s not taste like real frosting , it’s much more like nutella piped right  on the cupcakes. Read more>>

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The Seven “On the Beach” Cupcakes Ideas

beach cupcake

Even it is summer time, today is raining all day! It make me so blue. If you feel like I feel, maybe making some delicious summer cupcakes is the way to cheer you up. I searched through web to find some beautiful “on the beach” cupcakes ideas.

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Flowers and Pearls Wedding Cupcakes Ideas

Flowers and Pearls Wedding Cupcakes IdeasYour wedding day is approaching and you you are out of ideas about wedding cake. Why not choose cupcakes instead cake. Choose any flavor you like and with beautiful decoration they will look much more attractive then conventional cake.

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White Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding CupcakesHow about wedding cupcakes instead of the traditional wedding cake? Wedding cupcakes more and more assume the role of a wedding cake on today’s wedding receptions. There are many reasons for that.

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Mother’s Day Cupcake Ideas

Mother's Day Cupcake IdeasYou want to surprise your mom with something special for oncoming Mother’s Day but you don’t have any ideas. We recommend sweet-Mother’s Day Cupcakes. Actually, every cupcakes can be turn into Mother’s Day cupcakes with the help of  cute cupcakes toppers.

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