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Why Are Cupcake Wedding Cakes So Popular?

wedding cupcakes

A wedding cake is traditionally served to the guests at wedding reception. These cakes were made to bring good luck to the newly married couple and to all the guests. One of the important events of a wedding ceremony is cutting the wedding cake amidst family and friends. Read more>>

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London’s Best Cupcakes

London cupcakesCupcakes have experienced a renaissance in recent years, as a delicate and artistic treat. If you are too time-pushed to make your own, then there are plenty of delicious and beautiful boutique bakers who can make them for you. Read more>>

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How to Bake Cake For Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes

vegan cupcakes cakeTreats such as vegan chocolate cupcakes are a favorite for many people and are an indulgence that they enjoy every time they are offered at a party or at home. Fortunately, they are easy to make as well which means that they can be prepared within short notice as well. Read more>>

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Get Your Baby Shower Cupcakes Inspiration

baby shower cupcakesIf you are thinking about your baby shower dessert, we suggest you not to bother yourself anymore!  Some great cupcakes are perfect solution for this special occasion! Why?If you use your imagination and prepare some delicious and nice decorated cupcakes Read more>>

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Beautiful Autumn Cupcakes Collection from Flickr

autumn cupcakesThe summer days are over, and even though the days are still warm , we are already thinking about the fall. But what will autumn change in our world of cupcakes? Maybe we will miss the delicious summer fruit ingredients like lemon, orange, watermelon, Read more>>

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Olympic Games 2012 Cupcakes Collection

Olympic Tourch CupcakesI know, I know! You don’t have a time for any cupcakes, dessert or sweet thinks! For heaven sake – it’s time for Olympic games and sport! Who can take a break from good basketball games, swimming race or Novak Djokovic :) !

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Ten Mouthwatering Strawberry Cupcakes Ideas for Hot Summer Days

Ten Strawbery Cupcakes IdeasI have always been addicted on strawberry desserts  but strawberry and cupcakes – such a great combination! Delicious red  strawberry on top of cupcakes! Who can resist them!  So I’ve decided making adorable strawberry cupcakes pick for you. But where to start? Read more>>

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