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Vanilla and White Cupcakes

If you are teaching the kids how to bake then vanilla and white cupcakes are the best to start with because they are very easy and quick to bake. There are recipes for vanilla and white cupcakes which can be made at least one day before the cakes are needed. These cupcakes are good for any occasion because they are very basic in flavor. Once you bake vanilla and white cupcakes your family will definitely love them. Without a doubt you will keep baking them from time to time. The good thing about vanilla and white cupcakes is that you can always add something extra like cinnamon or honey to give it that extra unique and sweet taste.

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Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting

Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate FrostingVanilla and chocolate are always a winning combination. These delicious vanilla flavor cupcakes with chocolate frosting could be a perfect choice for wedding cupcakes. They taste so great and look perfect with simple, but elegant, candies pearls decoration. Read more>>

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Colorburst Cupcakes

Colorburst CupcakesThere is definietely something about rainbows that just makes kids happy. Therefore, these cupcakes would make your kids smile, for sure. Colorburst Cupcakes are perfect for kids birthday party because these are so much fun.

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Vanilla Cupcakes with Marsala-Chocolate Whipped Cream and Mini Cannoli

Vanilla Cupcakes with Marsala-Chocolate Whipped Cream and Mini CannoliCannoli Cupcakes are absolutely creative and they look fantastic. These are flavours and textures combo of two desserts: Cannoli Siciliani and Vanilla Cupcakes, resulted into  magnificent Cannoli Cupcakes.

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Lucky Vanilla Cupcakes

Lucky Vanilla CupcakesPistachio and honey in cupcakes! Does that sound good to you? We are sure in one – they look really pretty and brilliantly naturally! These cupcakes are frosted with a yummy cream cheese and honey combo and beautifully sprinkled on top!

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Raspberry Vanilla Mini Cupcakes

Raspberry Vanilla  Mini CupcakesIf you need some mini cupcakes inspiration, we found a great one far away in Oslo! These delicious mini raspberry & vanilla combination cupcakes are topped with  more delicious  meringue butter cream. And for the end – raspberry candy on top! Read more>>

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Vanilla Rose Water Cupcakes

Vanilla-Rose Water Cupcakes  Vanilla-Rose Water Cupcakes look absolutely gorgeous. These are vanilla cupcakes, frosted with delicately rose water icing, sprinkled with glitters, and the final touch gives them  candied rose petal  putted on top of icing.

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Baby Shower Vanilla Cupcakes

Baby Shower CupcakesWhat’s more beautiful way to celebrate the arrival of a new born then with the cute little dessert-Baby Shower Vanilla Cupcakes, if we dare to suggest. These are vanilla cupcakes in duck cupcake liners and what makes them so special for the occassion are simpatic duck cupcake toppers.

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