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Vanilla and White Cupcakes

If you are teaching the kids how to bake then vanilla and white cupcakes are the best to start with because they are very easy and quick to bake. There are recipes for vanilla and white cupcakes which can be made at least one day before the cakes are needed. These cupcakes are good for any occasion because they are very basic in flavor. Once you bake vanilla and white cupcakes your family will definitely love them. Without a doubt you will keep baking them from time to time. The good thing about vanilla and white cupcakes is that you can always add something extra like cinnamon or honey to give it that extra unique and sweet taste.

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Pink Heart Cupcakes by Deliciously Sprinkled

Pink Heart CupcakesIf you are looking for perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one, maybe you should try this recipe by Deliciously Sprinkled and surprise your valentine with gorgeous looking cupcakes. But these pretty looking  cupcakes  are really Read more>>

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Starbucks (copycat) Vanilla Bean Cupcakes

Starbucks (copycat) Vanilla Bean Cupcakes If you are craving for good old Starbucks vanilla cupcakes, you can have them at home, made by yourself, thanks -to this great recipe by Chef Mommy. These are copycat cupcakes that taste like the original from Starbucks. Vanilla cupcakes with Read more>>

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Fluffy Vanilla Cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream by the Baker Upstairs

fluffy vanilla cupcakes with nutella buttercreamTender, fluffy vanilla cupcakes complemented with a sweet and creamy swirl of nutella buttercream on top, sounds really heavenly. This Fluffy Vanilla Cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream recipe by the Baker Upstairs is something you Read more>>

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Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes by Annie’s Noms

Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes When you have good cupcake recipe to use as a base you have endless possibilities for combining many variations of flavors. This recipe by Annie’s Noms for Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes will help you to make tender vanilla cupcakes with great Read more>>

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Golden Chocolate Creme Cupcakes

Golden Chocolate Creme CupcakesIf you are true Oreo lover and like to try all flavors of your favorite cookies, here’s cupcake version of Golden Oreo with chocolate filling, made by Java Cupcake. Golden Chocolate Creme Cupcakes are moist and  fluffy yellow cupcakes frosted Read more>>

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Easy to Make Perfectly Moist Vanilla Cupcakes

Easy to Make Perfectly Moist Vanilla CupcakesIf you are one of those people who always rather choose vanilla instead of chocolate cake, here’s really great recipe for delicious vanilla cupcakes by Bake Happy. These cupcakes are so easy to make and taste great. They are incredibly moist and Read more>>

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Lemon Angel Food Cupcakes by Cooking Classy

Lemon Angel Food CupcakesLemon Angel Food Cupcakes by Cooking Classy, looking so bright and summery are perfect way to cheer you up by this cold winter days. If you are tired from holiday season and holiday inspired treat, these gorgeous cupcakes will be perfect refreshing. Read more>>