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Black Raspberry Cream Cupcakes

Black Raspberry Cream CupcakesThese Black Raspberry Cream Cupcakes are the chocolate cupcakes and have a creamy black raspberry filling and are topped with the delicious buttercream frosting.These are made with purchased box of cupcake mix of choice (Chocolate with white cream filling) and added black raspberry jam.
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Lime Blackberry Meringue Cupcakes

Lime Blackberry Meringue CupcakeLime Blackberry Meringue Cupcakes are perfect summer treat.  Could you imagine something better then delicious lime cupcake with fresh blackberry and frosted with delicious meringue.

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Champagne Blackberry Cupcakes

Champagne Blackberry CupcakesChampagne Blackberry Cupcakes are the best choice for the New Year’s delicacy, ( if you like blackberry,of course ) because  what’s more suitably for  New Year’s Eve than champagne?! These cupcakes look amazing, delicious but elegant, too.
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Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes with Three Types of Ganache

Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes with Three Types of Ganache Maybe these  chocolate raspberry cupcakes are unnecessarily complicated and little expensive but they are definitely delicious and good looking. With expensive eating chocolate, and three  different ganache fills ( raspberry, Scharffen Berger and Michel Cluizel ganache frosting) these cupcakes are great choice for all cupcake lovers. Read more>>

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Blackberry Mini Cupcakes

Blackberry Mini CupcakesSoft and creamy Blackberry Mini Cupcakes are the perfect dessert for those who love the purple color.They look great with pupple cream cheese frosting decorated with fresh blackberry on top.

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Polenta Birthday Cupcakes with Mascarpone Frosting

Cupcakes with Mascarpone FrostingHave you ever tried cupcakes with mascarpone frosting? No? Here is the great chance for tasteful cupcake experience! Michael Chiarello posted this excellent recipes on

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Cranberry Cupcakes

Cranberry cupcakes smallIf you are a fun of refreshing fruit cupcakes here is delicious one from This beautiful Cranberry cupcakes looks excellent for hot summer days. Enjoy!

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