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Cherry Cupcakes

Most people love to bake cherry cupcakes with frozen cherries because of their convenience. That is fine. However, you can make use of fresh cherries too. You might think that using fresh cherries for your cherry cupcakes will turn your cupcakes into muffins. That is not so. The cupcakes actually turn out to be soft and moist with a well defined crumb that cannot be mistaken for anything else but cake, unlike the coarse crumb found in muffins. Cherry cupcakes are best for dessert. If you decide to use jarred cherries, you have to drain them to prevent any extra liquid from mixing with your batter. Just like all other cupcakes, cherry cupcakes are also easy to make.

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Valentine’s Chocolate Covered Cherry Cupcakes

Chocolate Covered Cherry CupcakesThese astonishing Chocolate Covered Cherry Cupcakes are made as Valentine’s Day cupcakes by The Curly Girl Kitchen. Besides they are incredibly delicious, they are also gorgeous looking, covered with chocolate ganache and garnished with chocolate Read more>>

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Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes with Cherries and Homemade Mascarpone

Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes with Cherries and Homemade MascarponeYou have to admit, just from the title of these Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes with Cherries and Homemade Mascarpone, your mouth starts to water. These are very fudgy, brownie cupcakes made with ground almond instead the flour. They are filled Read more>>

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Frozen Fruit Salad Cupcakes

Frozen Fruit Salad CupcakesThis is super easy and super delicious, no bake dessert. Combining whipped cream, sweetened condensed milk and fruits, you will get these cute little treats. Pineapple, cherries and banana taste so  good together. And with whipped cream swirl and Read more>>

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Chocolate Chip Cherry Cupcakes

Chocolate Chip Cherry CupcakesOne cupcake topped with two different flavored frosting, sounds incredibly rich and savourily.  When you take a bite of these cupcakes you will be delighted with their flavor and texture, too. Chocolate chips and chopped maraschino cherries inside the cake give Read more>>

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Pineapple Cupcakes by Lady Behind the Curtain

Pineapple Cupcakes Lady Behind the Curtain made these juicy Pineapple Cupcakes, and her recipe is perfect if you need delicious spring or summer treat. These cupcakes have many delicious layers. At the bottom is red, juicy maraschino cherry, covered with  layer of Read more>>

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Gluten Free Black Forest Cupcakes

Gluten Free Black Forest Cupcakes Gluten Free Black Forest Cupcakes are delicious chocolate-cherry dessert. These gluten-free chocolate cupcakes are stuffed with  red tart cherries before baking, and soaked with maraschino cherry juice after. They are frosted with vanilla heavy whipping Read more>>

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Cherry-Almond Vanilla Cupcakes by Baking with Blondie

Cherry-Almond Vanilla CupcakesThese pretty looking cupcakes by Baking with Blondie are very delicious, too. These are Cherry-Almond Vanilla Cupcakes, with maraschino cherry juice in the cake and the frosting. Almond extract added into vanilla cake, make these cupcakes very flavorful. Read more>>