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Cherry Cupcakes

Most people love to bake cherry cupcakes with frozen cherries because of their convenience. That is fine. However, you can make use of fresh cherries too. You might think that using fresh cherries for your cherry cupcakes will turn your cupcakes into muffins. That is not so. The cupcakes actually turn out to be soft and moist with a well defined crumb that cannot be mistaken for anything else but cake, unlike the coarse crumb found in muffins. Cherry cupcakes are best for dessert. If you decide to use jarred cherries, you have to drain them to prevent any extra liquid from mixing with your batter. Just like all other cupcakes, cherry cupcakes are also easy to make.

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Black Forest Cupcakes by Simply Delicious

Black Forest CupcakesBlack Forest Cupcakes by Simply Delicious really are very delicious. These are moist, chocolaty cupcakes with tasty surprise inside. Each chocolate cupcake has maraschino cherry at the bottom. Simple chocolate cupcakes with cherry flavor are topped with  Read more>>

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Cherry Cupcakes

Cherry cupcakes: spring into sweetness”These are pretty and very tasty cherry cupcakes. For all fan of cherries, this is great recipe. The cherry flavor in cupcakes is so good, thanks to  bits of dried cherries and cherry concentrate. The cupcakes are so soft, moist and flavorful.

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Merry Cherry Chocolate Cupcakes

Merry Cherry Chocolate CupcakesMerry Cherry Chocolate Cupcakes are very good idea for Christmas dessert. These are rich, chocolaty cupcakes, perfectly matched with light cherry cream cheese frosting . Smooth and creamy texture of the frosting and incredibly moist and fluffy cake, garnished with Read more>>

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Cherry Limeade Sour Cupcakes

Cherry Limeade Sour CupcakesCherry Limeade Sour Cupcakes look so cute and fun in lovely bright colours, decorated with little flowers shaped sprinkles. Festive looking, these cupcakes would be good idea for birthday parties. But although very delicious, these Cherry Limeade Cupcakes are rather sour Read more>>

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Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes with Cherry Puree

Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes with Cherry PureeCherries and chocolate are match made in heaven. That lovely combo packed in one dessert called Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes are simply mouthwatering. And that’s not all, these delicious chocolate cupcakes are brushed with luscious cherry puree, and they turnd out so moist and rich. Read more>>

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Vegan Choc-Cherry Coconut Cupcakes

The Vegan Choc-CherryVegan Choc-Cherry Coconut Cupcakes with shiny Vegan chocolate glaze and cherry on top of it look so tempting. Chocolaty vegan cupcakes are super tasty and rich. Chocolate pair great with cherry and coconut.

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Cherry Pie Cupcakes

Cherry Pie CupcakesCherry Pie Cupcakes are simply adorable. What a wonderful  idea to make cupcakes that look just like the mini sized  pie. Moist Vanilla cupcakes with yummy cherry pie filing and the beautiful  frosting that is  piped to look like a real pie, would be a huge hit at any party. Read more>>