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Cherry Cupcakes

Most people love to bake cherry cupcakes with frozen cherries because of their convenience. That is fine. However, you can make use of fresh cherries too. You might think that using fresh cherries for your cherry cupcakes will turn your cupcakes into muffins. That is not so. The cupcakes actually turn out to be soft and moist with a well defined crumb that cannot be mistaken for anything else but cake, unlike the coarse crumb found in muffins. Cherry cupcakes are best for dessert. If you decide to use jarred cherries, you have to drain them to prevent any extra liquid from mixing with your batter. Just like all other cupcakes, cherry cupcakes are also easy to make.

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Chocolate-Cherry Cupcakes

Chocolate-Cherry Cupcakes Chocolate-Cherry Cupcakes will be great for some romantic occasion such as Valentine’s Day. These are adorable cupcake recipe that combine two perfect balanced taste : chocolate and cherries. They have delicious and moist texture of the cake and exquisite frosting. Read more>>

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Apam Dot Dot Steam Cupcakes

Steam Cupcakes Apam Dot Dot Cupcakes are steam cupcakes. These are not baked in the oven but in steamer. Apam Dot Dot Steam Cupcakes look so beautiful, in two colors with cute little dots and in lovely cups, they are almost to pretty to be eaten.

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Cherry Almond Angel Cupcakes

Seven Days of Sweets for yoursCherry Almond Angel Cupcakes are delightful dessert like as it should be for Valentine’s Day. These cupcakes will make your Valentine feel so special, just as he or she is for you, when see this lovely dessert that you make as a surprise for that occasion. Read more>>

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Black Forest Cupcakes

Black Forest CupcakesDark chocolate and cherries are matching perfectly. It’s lovely combination. Dark chocolate cupcakes are filled with cherry pie filling, drizzled with cherry kirsch, then topped with heavy whip cream, and garnished with chocolate shavings and maraschino cherries. Read more>>

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Gluten Free Flourless Mini Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes

Gluten Free Flourless Mini Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes is delicious flourless gluten free recipe for cute mini size cupcakes. These tiny bites look so lovely dusted with cocoa powder over the soft whipped cream frosting and topped with juicy maraschino cherry.

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Thanksgiving Cherry Pie Cupcakes

Thanksgiving  Pie  CupcakesI do not know why, but all in miniature version seems much tastier than usual. Probably because it looks so much cuter and simply attracted you to take it one delicious bit. These Thanksgiving “Pie” cupcakes are very creative idea, good for holiday table. Read more>>

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Cup cakes...literallyThis is literally Cup-cakes. It’s chocolate cake baked into the little espresso cups. For this lovely dessert all you need is a few minutes, basic ingredients and of course microwave. It’s  incredibly simple and quick. You can mixed it all up Read more>>