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Samoas Cupcakes

Samoas CupcakesSamoas Cupcakes are delicious sweet and savoury flavor combo in cupcake form. Amazing chocolaty cupcakes with coconut taste great and have very nice texture. These cupcakes are topped with smooth Salted Caramel Buttercream and drizzled with homemade Read more>>

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Piña Colada Ice Cream Cupcakes

Piña Colada Ice Cream Cupcake Piña Colada Ice Cream Cupcakes are delicious tropical flavor cupcakes and look so cute and fun turned upside down and decorated with little cockotail umbrella and maraschino cherry, like real cocktail. The cupcake has pineapple slice on top and delicious coconut Read more>>

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Vegan Peach Cupcakes with Coconut Cream Frosting

Peach Cupcakes with Coconut Cream Frosting Peach Cupcakes with Coconut Cream Frosting are tasty recipe for vegan cupcakes and vegan  frosting, too. Peach cupcakes are very moist and delicious and coconut frosting pair great with them. This is easy and very good recipe, and vegan, what is Read more>>

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Coconut Cream Cupcakes

Coconut Cream CupcakesCoconut Cream Cupcakes are tasty coconut flavored dessert. These will be a lovely treat for all coconut lovers all yer round,  but with special decoration, these tasty cupcakes could be easily turned out into festive Easter dessert.

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Coconut Brownie Cupcakes

Coconut Brownie CupcakesThis is very creative idea how to put together all your favorite things: coconut, brownies and fudge, in one sweet little cakes called Coconut Brownie Cupcakes. These cupcakes look absolutely delicious and fun in lovely wrappers and topped with yummy coconut Read more>>

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Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes

Chocolate Coconut CupcakesChocolate Coconut Cupcakes seem so delicious. These are actually Buttermilk Brownies topped with creamy Coconut Topping and  finished with beautiful Chocolate Buttermilk Frosting swirls. They may require more time and effort, but it is certainly worth it . Read more>>

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Vegan Choc-Cherry Coconut Cupcakes

The Vegan Choc-CherryVegan Choc-Cherry Coconut Cupcakes with shiny Vegan chocolate glaze and cherry on top of it look so tempting. Chocolaty vegan cupcakes are super tasty and rich. Chocolate pair great with cherry and coconut.

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