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Bird’s Nest Easter Cupcakes by Got Chocolate

Bird’s Nest Easter CupcakesCute and tasty Bird’s Nest made of Chow Mein  Noodles covered with melted chocolate are easy and nice looking decoration for Easter Cupcake. These Easter cupcakes are made of box Cake Chocolate Mix and topped with green colored frosting.

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Raspberry Easter Cupcakes

 Raspberry CupcakesThese Raspberry Cupcakes with Raspberry Creme Filling are lovely Easter Cupcakes. Tasty, raspberry cupcakes have  fondant and gum paste decorations. Lovely decoration and yummy cupcakes will bring a smile on children’s faces Read more>>

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Bird’s Nest Easter Cupcakes

Bird’s Nest Easter CupcakesBird’s Nest Cupcakes are very cute Easter cupcakes. Fun and festive cupcakes look very interesting, made like a nest with cute, little birds siting on top of it. These are delicious vanilla cupcake, perfectly moist and tender. The frosting has light chocolaty flavor and Read more>>

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Simple Easter Cupcakes

Simple Easter CupcakesSimple Easter Cupcakes look so cute and festive. It’s funny and easy idea how to decorate your Easter cupcakes. It’s simple yellow cupcakes colored in red and decorated with chocolate shaved curls to look like little nest. And of course you should put a few colored eggs Read more>>

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Easter Mania Cupcakes

Easter Mania CupcakesAs a basis for this Easter themed cupcakes there is used yellow cake adapted from Martha Stewart’s recipes. Yellow cake, actually cupcakes are perfectly  moist and tasty. Cooled cupcakes are dipped into lovely chocolate ganache and than decorated Read more>>

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Coconut Cream Cupcakes

Coconut Cream CupcakesCoconut Cream Cupcakes are tasty coconut flavored dessert. These will be a lovely treat for all coconut lovers all yer round,  but with special decoration, these tasty cupcakes could be easily turned out into festive Easter dessert.

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Easter Jelly Bean Cupcakes

Jelly Bean CupcakesEaster Jelly Bean Cupcakes are very cute and tasty Easter treat. The kids would go crazy about those fun and festive cupcakes. To make baking easy, these could be made with boxed cake mix, but upgraded with creative idea by adding some jelly beans into the batter. Read more>>

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