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Valentine's day cupcakes

If you cannot find the perfect gift for your loved one on Valentine’s day, then try something unique and fun; valentine’s day cupcakes. They are available and can be baked in different shapes, flavors, sizes and colors. Baking Valentine’s Day cupcakes shows your loved ones that you care about them. If you know what your loved one likes as his/her favorite flavor, then your work becomes easier and making cupcakes in their favorite flavor shows that you know them well. Valentine’s Day cupcakes can be eaten after a lovely dinner or just at anytime of this special day. If you do not have that special someone gather a few friends for a small party and bake the Valentine’s Day cupcakes for them.

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I Heart You Chocolate-Strawberry Cupcakes

I Heart You Chocolate-Strawberry CupcakesI Heart You Chocolate-Strawberry Cupcakes are actually soda can cupcakes filled with strawberry jam, topped with Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting and decorated with lovely little red hearts sprinkles. These look so pretty, perfect for Valentine’s day, Read more>>

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Valentine’s Day Coconut Cupcakes

Coconut Cupcakes These are Valentine’s Day Coconut Cupcakes. Maybe it’s too late for Valentine’s Day  but for a good dessert is always the right time. Tasty coconut cupcake with lovely heart decoration can be used as a Valentine’s day cupcakes idea, but you can try this Read more>>

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Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes for Valentines Day

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes These are very festive, Valentine’s Day dessert-Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes. Great, moist cupcakes with strawberries are topped with a chocolate cream cheese frosting and garnished with a beautiful looking fresh strawberries covered with melted chocolate.

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Healthier Chocolate Cupcakes with Raspberry Cream Cheese Frosting

Raspberry Cream Cheese FrostingThese delicious Healthier Chocolate Cupcakes with Raspberry Cream Cheese Frosting were made as Valentine’s day treat, but you can treat yourself with healthier sweets like these any day. This recipe use apple sauce as a substitute for oil to avoid unnecessary calories Read more>>

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Vanilla Cupcake with Strawberry Buttercream

Vanilla Cupcake with Strawberry ButtercreamThese are Vanilla Cupcake with Strawberry Buttercream made for Valentine’s Day but even the Valentine is passed that’s no reason not to try this perfect treat. The recipe is so simple and the cupcakes are delicious. Tender vanilla cake paired with creamy, Read more>>

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Chocolate Covered Strawberry Hi-Hat Cupcakes

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes Chocolate Covered Strawberry Hi-Hat Cupcakes with heart sprinkles are tasty Valentine’s Day dessert, but It would be a shame not to treat yourself with these awesome cupcake at least a few other time during the year, not just for Valentine. These are lovely combo of Read more>>

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Chocolate Cherry Cordial Cupcakes

Chocolate Cherry Cordial CupcakesChocolate and cherries complement so well to each other. Sweet  marischino cherries in combination with chocolate cake and chocolate ganache is perfect. Chocolate Cherry Cordial Cupcakes are chocolate cupcakes filled with tasty cherry pie filling and Read more>>