Most Recent Cupcakes

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Rainbow Vanilla Cupcakes

Rainbow Cupcakes With a little burst of colour , the simple, common vanilla cupcakes are turned into wonderful, fun and festive rainbow cupcakes. The white cake batter can be made using a box cake mix, or some other recipes. These one was made by Martha Stewart’s vanilla cupcakes Read more>>

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Simply Adorable Lemon Cupcakes

Simply Adorable Lemon CupcakesThese Lemon Cupcakes really are “Simply Adorable” like the name says. It’s delicious lemon cupcakes recipe topped with Lemon Buttercream Frosting. The frosting was adapted from the  Magnolia Bakery recipe for  Vanilla Buttercream Frosting Read more>>

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Chocolate Toffee Caramel Cupcookies

Chocolate Toffee Caramel CupcookiesChocolate Toffee Caramel Cupcookies  are fun and colorful sweet treat. Cupcookies are very creative, unique and delicious recipe. Actually, these are cupcakes made by recipe for cookie dough, adapted from  Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe, Read more>>

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End of the Rainbow Cupcakes

End of the Rainbow CupcakesEnd of the Rainbow Cupcakes look truly amazing. They are vegan chocolate cupcakes with Chocolate Almond Buttercream, but very creative decorations make these cupcakes simply gorgeous. The kids will just fall in love with these cute sweet treat. Read more>>

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4th of July Funfetti Cupcakes

funfett Funfetti cupcakes are always white cupcakes with colored sprinkles added, and if you don’t have much skill in baking and decorating , it’s the easiest ways to impress everybody with your cupcake. With the adequate colour of the sprinkles that you will add in white cupcake Read more>>

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Cupcakes for Casper

Cupcakes for CasperPuppy cupcakes are absolutely adorable. This is such a creative idea, how to turn an ordinary cupcake into something interesting like this, using a little imagination and skills . These are white cupcakes made with boxed cake mix. Read more>>

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Funfetti Yogurt Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting

funffetti Chobani yogurt is Greek fat-free yogurt and adding some of it in cupcakes makes them extra moist. But this soft Yogurt Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting are not just delicious, but look great, too. Colorful, cute, little, star shaped funfetti added both in the cupcake batter Read more>>