Cupcakes Filling

This step is optional. If you prefer plain cupcakes then you do not need to fill your cupcakes. However, if you enjoy having little extras on your cupcakes, then this step is for you.

Get a pastry bag that has been fitted with a tip that is big and round. Put the filling into the bag using a spoon. Then insert the tip at the top of the cupcake and squeeze the filling down to the center of the cake. A hole will be left at the top of the cupcake but do not be alarmed. It will be covered by the frosting.

Cupcake filling

Filled Cupcakes Example

When filling cupcakes it is always good to ensure that the cake flavor and frosting go together. This will ensure that the flavor of your cupcakes is improved rather than overshadowed. Most people prefer to use the same flavor for both the frosting and cupcakes. However, there are other methods one can use to make cupcakes more enticing.

To fill the cupcakes, you can cut each cupcake in half and spread one half with some filling. Then place the second half on top. Alternatively, get a small parking knife and use it to make a small cone in the middle of the cupcakes. Then put some filling in the hole and then cover it with the section you had cut out. After that you can add some frosting to the cupcakes if you want.

The other way is to put the filling in a bottle or pastry bag which has a round nozzle. Put the nozzle gently into the cupcake and squeeze out the filling. This method is best if the filling is very thin.

Cupcake filling

Cupcake Filling

Other more complicated methods involve using fillings that cook inside the cupcakes. If you opt to do this, put some filling into your cupcake batter and then cover it with more batter. A good type of filling suitable for this method is cream cheese. It is good for baking in or on top of the cupcakes.

It does not matter how you decide to add the filling to your cupcakes. Whoever eats them will be simply impressed with the amazing flavor involved. They may look hard to make but they are not. Other flavors you can try out for your filling include caramel, apricot, chocolate, custard, chocolate mousse, cream patisserie and lemon.