Cupcakes Frosting

There are no specific rules when it comes to frosting your cupcakes. You do not have to decorate them in the same manner every time you make cupcakes. It gets boring doing the same frosting so be a little bit more creative.

Cupcakes that have vanilla glace frosting topped with a cherry look very appetizing. You can also add pink food coloring to the frosting. Another popular way is to sprinkle candy confetti, shredded chocolate or coconut onto the frosting.

Cupcakes frosting

Cupcakes with different frostings

To make your cupcakes even more irresistible, you can add cream, jam or lemon curd at the center of the cupcakes. After that, dust them with icing sugar. You can also try out chocolate hazelnut spread as your frosting. It is quite hard in texture so you may have to dip your knife in a cup of boiling water to make work easier when spreading.

Fondant can also be used as your frosting and decorating. If the top surfaces of your cupcakes are not flat, just slice the peaks to create a level surface that you can work with. Select two colors and work two drops of coloring into the fondant. Remember that you do not require too much fondant.  After the coloring has sunk in, roll the fondant to your desired width and use circular cutters that will fit on your cupcakes. There is plenty of room for creativity here. You can play around with the shapes or use a third color to add patterns, lines or dots.There is a huge range of cupcake frosting recipes. Usually, the recipe depends on the look you want and the kind of occasion you are making the cupcakes for. It could be a children’s birthday party, a normal family gathering or even an engagement party. Whatever the occasion, choose a frosting that will be suitable for the theme of the event.


Cream cheese frosting

You can use frosting that can be piped or spread on top of the cupcakes. Here is a list of basic cupcake recipes you can choose from:

  • Fruity frosting
  • Glace frosting
  • Strawberry frosting
  • Coffee cream frosting
  • Brown sugar icing
  • Fondant
  • Chocolate ganache
  • Royal icing
  • Banana coconut frosting
  • Cooked Chocolate icing
  • Peppermint frosting
  • Toasted coconut Almond frosting
  • Seven minute frosting

For these recipes you can mix up the flavors and add colors according to what you want.