Cupcakes Pan and Liners

Cupcake Pan

The cupcake pans come in different sizes; small, medium and large. These different sizes make room for experimenting with various forms of cupcakes. The baking time will vary depending on whether you are using larger or smaller pans.
If you want your cupcakes to be smooth on the side, because you plan to use the cupcake as a top layer to be frosted or intend to serve the cupcakes on a plate, just bake the cupcakes in the pan directly. When the cakes are ready you might need to use a knife to remove them around the perimeter.

cupcakes pan and linersThe shape of your cupcakes will be determined by the amount of batter you put in each cup. If you fill two-thirds of the cup then you will get the conventional cupcake shape. If you fill it halfway it will rise slightly below the edge and the result will be a small cupcake with a straight top. If you fill it three-quarters the cake will rise above the edge and swell outwards. Think about the shape you prefer when pouring in the batter.

Here are couple classic cupcakes pans you can bay at

Cupcake Liners

Cupcake liners are small round thin sheets of paper in which cupcakes are baked. They help to remove the cupcakes from the baking pans after they are ready. Due to their thin material, cupcake liners have to be placed in the baking pan first before filling in with batter.  If you do not have liners you can just grease and flour the baking pan.

You can also opt to use foil liners. They are much stronger and can sometimes be placed directly onto the baking pan. However, it is still better to place them on the pans directly for that extra support.  There is an amazing selection of cup liners available to purchase. They are also available in a huge variety of colors, sizes and patterns.

Here are a couple of our favorite liners:

Cupcake liners are good because they reduce any mess that is likely to occur. With liners you won’t need to oil and flour the baking pan. The best part is they never stick to the baking tray.

Cupcake liners protect the cakes from dirty hands. This means that when handling the cupcakes you will not touch the cakes. Only the person eating the cake will touch it. This is especially important when baking cupcakes for children who have not mastered the art of washing hands.