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Posted on | August 2, 2012

Olympic Games 2012 Cupcakes Collection

Olympic Tourch CupcakesI know, I know! You don’t have a time for any cupcakes, dessert or sweet thinks! For heaven sake – it’s time for Olympic games and sport! Who can take a break from good basketball games, swimming race or Novak Djokovic :) !

Yes, but take just a second for some sweet Olympic treats – Olympic cupcakes. In honor of London 2012, we prepare little Olympic and sport cupcakes collection. You know, tourch, medals, sport… Be our guest and enjoy!

Olympic Torch Cupcakes

Olympic Torch Cupcakes by

2012 Olympic Torch Cupcake

2012 Olympic Torch Cupcake by

Olympic Tourch Cupcakes

Olympic Tourch Cupcakes via Flickr by Victorious Cupcakes

Sport Medal Cupcakes

Sport Medal Cupcakes by

Marathon Cupcakes

Marathon Cupcakes by

Tennis Cupcakes

Tennis Cupcakes by

Basketball Cupcakes

Basketball Cupcakes by

Soccer Cupcakes

Soccer Cupcakes by



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