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Posted on | January 29, 2013

Why Are Cupcake Wedding Cakes So Popular?

wedding cupcakes

A wedding cake is traditionally served to the guests at wedding reception. These cakes were made to bring good luck to the newly married couple and to all the guests. One of the important events of a wedding ceremony is cutting the wedding cake amidst family and friends. Couple cut the first slice of it as wife and husband. People should take care so that the wedding cake should match the style or theme of wedding.

Some people like to serve a traditional wedding cake, whereas most people wish to have a unique wedding cake in their wedding ceremony. The people who wish to have a unique wedding cake always prefer a cupcake wedding cake. These cakes can be served easily. A cupcake is a small cake that is designed to serve a single person. These cupcake wedding cakes are often baked in an aluminium cup or small thin paper. Even though these are designed for a single person the cake decorations will be the same as the normal cakes. You get them in different colors and flavors and this is an added advantage as you can order a cake which goes well with the color theme. You can order any color depending on your taste.

wedding cupcakes

Wedding Cupcakes

The price of wedding cake varies from one type to another like from a traditional big cake to cupcake wedding cake. People should order in advance for the memorable day. Most times, the designer brings the wedding cake which you have ordered to the venue. If you buy it from any other bakery or supermarket, make sure that it should be delivered on your wedding day. You should take care of the style and color so that it matches the ceremony and the message that is to be written on it. Different people like different flavours like pine apple, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and so on. If you are serving different flavours of cake as dessert on this occasion, you are offering your guests with a selection to choose from. At present days, the wedding cake is served throughout the event for visitors, but traditionally, the cake should be cut at reception and sent home in bags or cake boxes with guests.

In my opinion, you should try to experiment and try new things at wedding occasions and one of the minor changes could be cupcake wedding cakes which would be fun and unique and the guest would definitely remember that wedding. Wedding is an important occasion in everyone’s life. Most people feel grandeur in the money they spend in conducting the event. Distributing the traditional cake among these many people might be a difficult task. You can reduce the effort by making best use of a cupcake wedding cake. Since these cakes are baked in an aluminium cup or thin paper you do not even have to use serving bowls and tissues. You do not have to hire an extra help to clean the utensils as the aluminium cups are easily disposable.

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