It all began with the famous TV Series „Sex and the City“. Since Kerry ate the beautiful cupcake in the Magnolia bakery, I got crazy for this beautiful treat. My first cupcake was a simple vanilla cupcake with frosting and immediately, after that came chocolate cupcakes, cheesecakes and the real madness began.

After that began my search for beautiful recipes for this sweet treat. As soon as I found a great recipe on the internet, and became determined that this will be my next kitchen project, in no time I would have a new bookmark, and a bunch of links for different food blogs. So I came to the idea for Cupcakes Garden!!!

This blog is, in essence, a collection of the most beautiful cupcakes that you can find on the internet. My goal was to find the most beautiful posts on food blogs that have a instruction and put them all in one place, and then put them into different categories.

Because of that, you won’t find instructions for preparing these deserts because they are authorised work of hardworking food bloggers and I have no right to copy their recipes. The point of this blog is just to save time looking for a great recipe because you will find it very quickly through different cupcake categories, but the instructions will be found on the original blog which you will visit by clicking the link under the photo of the cupcake on every post.

And that is all. I hope you will enjoy and find your cupcakes inspiration. Open the door and step into the world of cupcakes! Welcome to Cupcakes Garden!