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Do you plan to serve mini cupcakes at an upcoming occasion? You may need to consider some factors such as the time of day. If the occasion is set for early to mid-morning people are not likely to be hungry. So you could make cupcakes for this kind of event. Mini cupcakes will also be suitable for an even where meals are served first as your guests may get too full to even eat dessert. If the occasion comprises of adults, then mini cupcakes are the best option because adults are less likely to eat as many cakes as a crowd of children would. When you bake mini cupcakes for children keep the number of flavors at a maximum of two. For adults you could have at least three or four different flavors.

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Mini Kahlua Cupcakes

Mini Kahlua CupcakesYou can not even imagine how much wonderful flavors can be packed into such a small cupcakes. Mini Kahlua Cupcakes from Sweet and Savory by Shinee are rich chocolate cupcakes soaked Read more>>

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Smore Cups by Texas Cottage

Smore Cups by Texas CottageYou do not need a campfire to enjoy these delicious Smore Cups by Texas Cottage. These bite-sized s’mores are graham cracker cups stuffed with marshmallow and topped with chocolate. You have no choice but to Read more>>

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Skinny Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes

Skinny Mini Strawberry CheesecakesSkinny Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes by Frosting and a Smile are rich and creamy dessert although they contain less fat that regular cheesecakes. Using less fat cream cheese and fat free yogurt, these cupcakes are better for your health, but still Read more>>

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Festive Mini Coffee Cupcakes with Aero

Festive Mini Coffee Cupcakes with AeroScrumptious little morsels with a light coffee flavor, called Mini Coffee Cupcakes with Aero is perfect dessert for holiday parties. These yummy cupcakes served in gold wrappers and garnished with glittery sprinkles  look really pretty and Read more>>

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Mini Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes

Mini Chocolate Coconut CupcakesThese delicious morsels are Mini Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes by Baking Makes Things Better. Mini sized  cupcakes are really decadent chocolate cake covered with rich, dark chocolate ganache topped with shredded coconut. This could Read more>>

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Hershey Kiss Mini Valentine Cupcakes

Hershey Kiss Mini Valentine CupcakesValentine’s day can not be imagined without a kisses, but sweet Hershey kisses for all your loved ones. These adorable, mini cupcakes are super moist and rich chocolate cake stuffed with Hershey Kisses, topped with lovely pink buttercream and Read more>>

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Butter Pecan Mini Cupcakes

Butter Pecan Mini CupcakesThese yummy, little morsels from Suzie  Sweet Tooth are Butter Pecan Mini Cupcakes. Mini sized, butter cupcakes with chopped pecans, topped with creamy maple buttercream and garnished with toasted pecans are  absolutely Read more>>

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